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Restoration – Partial or Full?

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Many people today think that restoring a car is simply doing paint and interior work. While this is a form of restoration, it is important to understand that restoration can encompass many different levels. If a person were to think of a concours restoration, this is a level of perfection. With a concours restoration a car is brought back to a level that is equal, or exceeds, when the car was new. In concours vehicles, detail is essential to winning in a judged show. It may require a certain type of markings, bolts, or even in some cases a certain way the paint is oversprayed. These type of projects may require a lot of research and hunting of rare parts, depending on the vehicle, which can add to the cost. There are also mid-level or partial restorations, which may include: paint, interior, engine and drivetrain, wiring, or even a brake upgrade. This is usually a good option for individuals who have a nice project, to start with, and would like to choose what items to do, within their budget. With restoring a car there are many different options, so there is no way to lump it all together under one umbrella of just using the word, “restoration”. At Klassic Rides, we like to differentiate the difference for our customers, since the word can mean many different things and can affect the amount of money spent. The question then is, how can you determine what type of restoration services will meet your needs? First, think about your budget and the amount of money that you want to invest into a project. Second, what will the car be used for? Is this going to be a concours vehicle that will be trailered back and forth to shows? If you want to enjoy the car and drive it around, this may help to determine the level of restoration that you will need. For determining what level of restoration that is needed, Klassic Rides would enjoy speaking with you and going over your vehicle to help you in making this decision. Klassic Rides has completed many concours and partial restorations and we have the knowledge of what is involved in doing them. If we can be of assistance in your next project feel free to contact us!

1949 Jaguar “Hemi-Cat”

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Klassic Rides has turned this 1949 Jaguar MK into a custom project called “The Hemi-Cat”. This is a unique blending of a classic 1949 Jaguar Mark V and a new Chrysler 300-C. This unique custom car utilizes the Jaguar Mark V body, fitted to a Chrysler 300 drivetrain, including a 400 horsepower Chrysler Hemi engine. The Chrysler 300’s wheelbase was similar, but the width of the Jaguar body was widened by about 6 inches. A lot of custom fabrication had to take place, but we tried to do it in a way that would keep the Jaguar features. This was a build in collaboration with legendary NASCAR promoter Humpy Wheeler.

The Hemi-Cat, has been featured at “The Good Guys” show in Charlotte. The moment this car rolled off of the trailer it was noticed by the judges and went on to win an award. Humpy Wheeler said, “Klassic Rides, its owners and their people, are among the best restorers and street rod builders in the nation.” For more information on our restoration and customization services, please contact Klassic Rides, LLC.

Auto Restoration is mostly motivated by sentimentality and personal value, not by profit!

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Many people today watch TV shows that depict a car being restored in a matter of days and then they sell the car and make a large profit. This has jaded ones view of restoration, and has promoted a thinking that is solely motivated by profit. While it is wise to count the cost of a project and work within your budget, the realization that a car can be restored and then the customer make a huge profit upon selling it, is not always the case. Many of the cars that they show in these TV shows look pretty from the outside but little has been done below the visual aesthetics. So for ones that are true car lovers and collectors, this is an ongoing dilemma.

Is a car worth the expense of restoration? If the car is a limited production, numbers matching car, you could possibly have a profit in restoring a car. But the majority of cars today being restored are cars that have a sentimental value or a personal value. These ones are willing to spend the necessary money to restore a vehicle because it has a special value to them, such as; it was a family car or it reminds them of a time in their life. Then you have individuals that like the way a car drives, rides, and looks and they are planning to keep the car for many years to come. Under these circumstances, ones don’t look at profit, but at the true purpose of the car they love. They are not going to sell the car but they want to keep this prize in their possession, and the possession of their family for many years to come. While from a money perspective this does not make sense, and is not logical from a numbers standpoint, sentimentality and personal value win out every time. So we encourage ones to think about this subject before they decide to restore a car.